Roy Jelinek
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Roy Jelinek is a composer and musician  born in Caracas,
Venezuela .
His interest in music started at a very young  
age. Under his father´s, Felix Jelinek musical influence, Roy
began studies in guitar and accordion with the professors
Antonio Segui and J
oao Ferreira. In addition, he also began
self studying
Cuatro inspired by the School of the professor
Freddy Reyna (honorable
Cuatro player from Venezuela),
and because of the incredible ability, versatility and inborn
talent of this virtuoso Cuatro player  and composer. Roy
Jelinek started developing his own style to play the Cuatro,
different to the traditional, which consists in the digitization
technique and accompaniment of the melody, producing a
unique effect  which gives the impression of a singing
Roy Jelinek has participated in a diverse range of
national and international scenarios and cultural
programs of radio and television. His visit to Vienna,
Austria invited by the Institute of Folkloric Music was
quite remarkable. There,  he had the unique opportunity
to perform and offer workshops for a wide variety of
students. He has also performed in public and private
Museums, Universities, Music Schools and
in Venezuela, The United States, Barbados,
Saint Vincent, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Antiguas, Surinam,
The Middle East and Europe.
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