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Cuatro Profesional Intermedio.
Precio: $ 240.00
Cuatro Profesional Avanzado.
Precio: $ 500.00
Precio: $90.00
The Cuatro has very remote origins, some argue that it already existed in 3,000 BC, because there have been similar pieces found in Egypt. We see the Guitar
appear in Spain at the beginning of  the Sixteenth century and it was taken from  its ordinary appreciation state, and placed it in a higher order by Alonso Mudarra.
Since it was at first considered an instrument with poor resources.
The Cuatro came to Venezuela with the first Spanish conquerors and has been around for the last 500 years. It represents the authentic Guitar from the
Renaissance. This piece  is the closest relative to the Guitar, which hasn't  only evolved to produce this magnificent  instrument with great qualities but has also
evolved into other similar pieces.
The Cuatro is a chordophone instrument of four strings. It has a flat base, and the harmonic box size varies. Pine , cedar and ebony  woods are used to make this
piece. These type of woods are employed on this instrument to make it  more resistant to the player's use and to improve the instrument´s  quality of sound.
The Cuatro is a hand crafted instrument, and its elaboration  involves dedication, talent and a life of experience. Given its traditional character, entire families in
Venezuela have been dedicated for generations to the elaboration of the
Cuatro. If you are intersted in purchasing a Cuatro, please contact us. We also offer
discounts for retailer and shpping discounts if you are buying a Cuatro and the hard case. Please be sure to delete the shipping cost from the hard case if you're
purchasing both.
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